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There are many factors that can affect the process of weight loss, making the process much more complicated than it really is. The body produces various hormones in response to a different type of food and / or beverages. Weight loss is not just about eating calories, but it’s about the correct calorie intake. Alcohol is one of the biggest reasons that disrupt the weight loss, because it does imbalances in the caloric intake, the fluid in the body and hormones that are necessary for reducing weight.

Alcohol increases levels of cortisol, a hormone that creates fat.

alcohol1 Alcohol by itself very often or temporarily increases the secretion of cortisol (a hormone that destroys muscles and creates fat). Loss of muscle tissue means slowing down of your metabolism, making it easier to add weight. Alcohol affects men in a way that reduces the level of testosterone, which is a hormone that builds muscle mass and decreases body fat.

Alcohol also blocks the body from burning fat. One research that has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that the process of reducing fat can be reduced by 73 % by a simple import of two beverages which contain vodka. This effect can last for one hour after the alcohol is imported. Also the alcohol prevents the body to use the reserves of fat as energy. The body should be well hydrated to build muscle and melt fat, and the alcohol has the capacity to discard the liquid from your body and can lead the organism to a state of DEHYDRATION.


Consuming alcohol is frequently accompanied by irregular ENTRY meals and entering “forbidden” foods Because alcohol is placing us in a cheerful mood, it is very likely that you will reach for chips, snacks and other unhealthy foods that are present at the parties.


ALCOHOL contains a large amount of calories Alcohol contains a large amount of calories!It is easy to drink a glass of 200 ml of wine, which has the same amount calories as if you eat 5 teaspoons peanut butter. A small number of people will stop with just one glass of alcohol, it is more likely to see someone even drink 5 glasses or more before he reaches a state in which he just can’t control himself anymore.One thing that is even worse is the fact that many people mix the alcohols with fruit juices which are also containing large amounts of sugar. That way the drinks are even more caloric, and that means the more you drink these mixes the greater is the possibility of adding extra weight on your body.As I said, maybe the alcohol is a liquid, but trust me it is high in calories (bad once) and that it is not recommended for you, especially if you are not physically active.


I know that each of us has been in a moment that you needed to drink a glass of wine and cheer with your friends, but you don’t need to go over one glass and even worse you don’t need to get drunk. In fact that is poor way of thinking.

I mean I love to drink cocktails, but as I got introduced to this information, now i usually take one cocktail. If there is no reason for celebrating or cheering, then I just stick with a natural juice or something that isn’t containing alcohol.


Take care of your body and organism… it’s the only place you have to leave…



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