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Each and every body is different, so in today’s posts I wanted to give a short review on the three different body type’s including the Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph.

Are you the skinny guy who finds difficult to gain weight (hard gainer) or you are the guy who has no problem to ad 5 pounds in one week. You can find yourself adding body fat very is, but you are still wondering which body type it may be.

Don’t worry. I got everything that you need to wait for you in the post below, so now that I got your attention, let me don’t waste time and go straight on the topic.


I will start with the Ectomorphs:



If you are an Ectomorph the last this you should worry about is your weight. Eating only when you are hungry is very typical for this body type and that’s the first thing that must be changed, especially for those that want to gain weight and muscle. Diet consisted of high-calorie food spread in couple of meals which would be eaten at a specific time in smaller quantities is recommended for this body type.

The workouts in the gym should be short lasting, since the Ectomorph body type is advisable to work with more weight but also to rest between every set. Finally, although the attributes of this body type are quite physically active. I recommended not going through aerobic exercises, but instead to minimize them so it can be easier to increase muscle mass.


Typical facts about the Ectomorph build:


  • Gains weight hard (hard gainer)
  • Small frame and bone structure
  • Chest muscle is flat
  • Thin build
  • The metabolism is fast


Next I will go with the Mesomorph.



The Mesomorph body type is characterized with large muscles and bone structure. This body type characterizes with a very athletic physics. That’s why this physic in my opinion is the best one.

Mesomorphs can make great achievements if they participate in professional bodybuilding, because it’s the great physics that make this body type to have advantages if compared to the Ecto and Endomorphs.

With other words Mesomorph is blessed body type. The thing about this body type is that those people that are build this way need to work less and still keep what they’ve built before. This is not situation in the other two body types. Mesomorphs should train around 3-4 days a week with moderate weights with normal rest time between sets. Most people that are having a Mesomorph body type are eating healthy foods instead of the junk foods.


Typical facts about the Mesomorph build:


  • Athletic build
  • Strong
  • Easy weight and muscle gainer
  • Gains body fat easier
  • Their muscles are well defined


And, the last build is Endomorph.


Endomorph body type is opposite to the Ectomorph build, and should concentrate on melting excess fat, which would speed up the metabolism, thus would keep the weight normal.

During their training process Endomorphs should lower their daily calorie intake, meaning that they should take small portions of food that should be imported though several meals during the day, which also means that they need to eliminate any “junk food” (junk and fast food) from their daily food menu. The Endomorph should do aerobic exercises such as running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming and other.


Typical facts about the Endomorph build:


  • Short build
  • Round body and physique
  • Hard to lose fat
  • Their metabolism is slow
  • Not so good defined muscles


I hope by reading the information in this article you will be able to determine your body type. No matter how your body is built you can change it with hard work and dedication. Simply by doing proper weight training and fixing up your diet you will get the body type you want.

Have you found a guy that can’t bulk up? Sure you didn’t. Everyone can add weight, some find this very easy and some find this hard but still they bulk up anyway. This means that you don’t need to focus on your body type, but instead to focus on your goals and work towards them. I will finish this article with one well known quote from Milton Berle.


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build your own door.”


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