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no_to_edAdmit it people—erectile dysfunction changes life as we know it and sometimes affects both genders. Well, for men, it could snatch away their confidence when it comes to dating and for women, it could make them feel a bit uninspired with the relationship. And so, safe to say, it really has the capacity to destroy a relationship or even a marriage.

Having said so, don’t you think it’s about time to know what makes your “thing” seems to be distracted a bit lately? Well, it’s your lucky day because this article is all about ways on how you can say no to erectile dysfunction. Keep reading.

  • No to High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol Level

These two are never going to be parts of your Operation Erection diet. So have your healthcare provider check your blood pressure and cholesterol level as frequent as needed. By doing so, erectile dysfunction is not going to hinder in your satisfying sex life. Trust me, you wouldn’t want anything from the inside makes your manhood incomplete and incompetent—it just ain’t pretty.

  • Have A Healthy Diet

As you’ve already know, when it comes to the erection of your penis, a proper flow of blood to it is very, very important. So whatever you eat affects your erection indirectly, but still gravely. For example, a diet that consists of fatty and processed food with very little amount of vegetable and fruits is heading you directly to the unwanted land of erectile dysfunction. So better change that diet now, while you still can.

And if you’re wondering about what kinds of food are recommended for a pro-erection diet, take a hint from your heart. A diet that is healthy for your heart will be just as healthy for your erection and, of course, for your penis. Change that unhealthy diet to a certified healthier one that consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even red wines, too. See? It’s not true that healthy diet means just eating tofu for the rest of your life, not at all.

  • Quit Smoking

Oh yes, you read it right. Not change it to occasionally, not change it to moderately—totally quit it! That’s, of course, if you’d rather have a full and healthy erections rather than to smoke. Nicotine will only affect the blood vessels and disturb the blood flow to your penis—which is totally not going to give you the kind of erection you’d like. Also, smoking is just harmful and offensive to the important blood flow curb towards your penis. Save yourself while you can because you’re not going to like it when that happens.

  • Avoid Testosterone Deficiency

Even if you think that you’re as healthy as can be, it is still recommended to consider getting your T-Levels reviews by a doctor, and if they are found to be lower than normal the doctor can offer you a solution. In Men over the age of 40, Testosterone level often drops immensely. And if you’re experiencing lack of stamina, low sex drive or unsatisfying erections, head on to your doctor as fast as you can and ask about the Testosterone tabs.


Nothing’s to be ashamed of when experiencing sudden erectile dysfunction. What’s going to put you to shame is when you don’t do anything about it. If you’re still lucky enough to not experience it yet, might as well do everything you can to avoid it. Here’s to having a satisfying and happy sex life!

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